The Cleveland Foundation works to fund the most pressing needs in the community to ensure that residents in our community have access to high quality basic needs services. Beyond bare subsistence, we address everyday needs for people who want a better life for themselves and their children.


Cleveland Catholic Charities, $225,000

Cleveland Catholic Charities’ Migration and Refugee Service (MRS) was awarded a three-year renewable grant from the federal Office of Refugee Resettlement to open the Ohio Center for Survivors of Torture in 2016. Originally anticipating serving 75 individuals, the center served 123 survivors in the first year of operations and is on pace to serve more than 170 this year. To assist MRS in bridging the 18-month gap until federal funds can be renewed, this grant is for staffing, transportation and translation services to expand and strengthen resources for survivors of torture.    

Emerald Development and Economic Network (EDEN), $225,000

Since 1991, Emerald Development and Economic Network (EDEN) has been providing, operating, and advocating for safe and affordable housing and support services for some of the most vulnerable families and individuals in Cuyahoga County. This grant is to continue advancing its innovative approaches to addressing the community’s housing needs.